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What we learnt from Cardiff parkrun's return

Updated: May 4, 2022

If like me, you are ecstatic that parkrun is back, you may be interested to find out what the data is showing about Cardiff parkrun's return!

Are we fitter? Have we had a lazy lockdown? Find out below:


Pre-lockdown* Average: 671

First event back: 467

Second event back: 550

Third event back: 609

What we learn from this:

Clearly there is a reduction to normal, the first 2 weeks were on the alternative course which always attracts less people, it was raining really bad and it was the height of the summer holidays!

* Data for pre-lockdown has been taken from a 2 year period prior to lockdown.

Running Times

The big question, are we faster or slower than prior to lock down?

Average running times pre-lockdown: 26:51

Average running times in the first 3 weeks back 27:52

So we've slowed by 1 minute and 1 second on average, pretty expected really as life has been a bit different recently so I'm sure this would have affected people's training.

Gender Split

The graph below shows the split of male and female over the last 3 weeks (which was taken as at first 3 weeks back), and pre-lockdown.

This shows that males have returned more than females.


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Age Category Split

The following graph shows the distribution of attendee by age category.

The blue bars are the pre-lockdown percentage and the orange are the first 3 weeks back.

This table shows the age categories that are have greater representation now than pre-lockdown.

It shoes older generations are getting back out there!

This shows the ages that are less represented now than before lockdown.

Personal Bests

I'm always surprised how many people get PB's every week. Pre-lockdown on average for every 100 runners, 14.3 get a New PB!

Since the return, over the last 3 weeks this has lowered to 12.1 runners out of every 100 getting PBs.


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