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Best place to watch London Marathon to see the runner you are supporting.

Where to stand to see your runner in the London Marathon

As promised here is part 2. Here, I go into more detail on locations. This is ideal for anyone who wants to see their runner as many times as possible, it’s suitable for anyone supporting any runners who are expecting to run 4 hours and above. A word of warning make sure you check route and tube stations listed are open.

Aim to see your runner at the following miles: (5 or 6 times in total). The numbers in brackets after are how long you have to get there if you runner is consistently running 4 hour pace / 5 hour pace

Mile 9

Mile 11 (18 mins 20 secs / 23 mins)

Mile 15 (36 mins 40 secs / 46 mins)

Mile 18 (27 mins 30 secs / 34 mins 20 secs)

Optional - Before mile 22 or 23 (if mile 22 - 36 mins 40 secs / 46 mins)

Mile 25 (if from mile 22 - 27 mins 30 secs / 34 mins 20 secs)

On the image above, our logo identifies our recommended spectator points. Start on the lowest logo (on the image) and go anti-clockwise!

How to reach the locations ...

  • Take the tube to Canada Water, walk to mile 9 (Canada Street)

  • Walk to mile 11 (Brunel Road)

  • Take the tube from Canada Water to Canary Wharf, head to mile 15 (West Ferry Road)

  • Walk to mile 18 (North Colonnade)

OPTIONAL - This next stage is optional and so feel free to completely ignore it or pick either one

  • Take the DLR to Shadwell before mile 22 OR take the DLR to Tower Gateway before mile 23

  • Take the tube to the Embankment mile 25

Make sure you read the 9 tips to make you be the best London Marathon Spectator! to ensure that you have an awesome day!

This is a guide that's worked for me in the past but careful planning is crucial - don't just print this out and rely on it, more research is needed so you know exactly where you are going, especially when leaving tube stations.


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