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How To Actually Enjoy Running

Updated: Jan 13

I often hear people say “I hate running”.

My gut reaction is your doing it wrong! I’ve put together 8 ways to actually enjoy running below, but before I get into the 8, this is the advice I give to anyone who says it to me:

Enjoy running not hate running

Next time you go for a run, have one aim for your run >>> TO ENJOY YOURSELF.

Typically people who say they hate running, are going too fast, they are out of breath, red faced and unhappy!

When you go out, slow down, and I mean really slow down, go at a pace that almost feels pointless, hardly out of breath at all.

If you ever feel like walking, then walk!

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

You can even get home and feel like you didn’t really work out! But you must think to yourself I really enjoyed that and mean it!

Why this approach works...

Well, put it this way, how is your current approach working for you if you really hate running, chances are you aren’t doing it very often if at all, and if you do go out, chances are you aren’t being consistent. Why would you? You hate it!

Compare that to my approach of enjoying each run, and really enjoying it! People like doing things they enjoy, they look forward to them! Therefore put simply, people actually do the things they enjoy and if running is that think then they’ll do it.


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If you are worried about running times or not getting fitter, don’t be! These things WILL come, as you continue to go out and enjoy yourself over the weeks and months of being consistent you’ll naturally get fitter and faster.

As you build up the habit you may feel like you want to push harder for some of your runs but for now, trust the process go out and enjoy.

Here are my 8 ways that can contribute to you enjoying your running:

  1. Slow down - run within yourself, don’t worry if you are not getting out of breath, walk when you need to.

  2. Go less distance - you don’t have to go that far, start with 1 mile, keep doing it it’ll you feel its too easy and too short.

  3. Monitor your runs - Add data, you could do this using technology e.g. a GPS watch or Smart Phone App, but even a stopwatch can help as you can monitor your times, it gives you a focus and gives you tangible improvement.

  4. Following on from the above, try heart rate running, you will need a watch that has a heart rate monitor or a heart rate strap, but giving yourself a maximum heart rate and try and stay under it during your run.

  5. Add variety - this could take any form, add interval training, try a new route, pick somewhere with some nice scenery

  6. Get a partner - a good way to get yourself out there is to get a running partner (don’t worry if they are faster than you, most people will happily run with someone slower, you could always pick somewhere that suits a faster and slower runner e.g. laps).

  7. Join a running club - there are loads of more sociable running group out there now rather than serious athletics / running clubs, seek one out near you.

  8. Listen to music or podcast - listening to something that you enjoy, I’ve recently come across some comedy and documentary podcasts, makes the time pass very quickly as you get emerged into it.



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