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After completing the marathon in April I wanted to keep momentum up and have a monthly mileage target!

June Mile Running Challenge

I’ve set myself a minimum of 45 miles for a few reasons:

1. When I was training for my half marathons last year, I felt 45 miles a month got me starting feeling fit

2. It’s not a bonkers amount so I can fit it around a busy life, but it’s big enough that have to be disciplined to get out there a few times a week

3 It’s also more than I do if I don’t have a target

So I’ve thought I'd open it up to everyone else to bring together a community of runners to do from all over the place, and make it a bit of a running challenge but more importantly to give everyone that extra bit of motivation and accountability to be consistent! You can still join, just let me know, easiest thing is to email me There is no registration page or anything like that, I’m just asking people to use the hashtag #JuneMiles

So far the people who are in are the June Miles Running Challenge:

Me: 45 miles

Hannah Isted (from @hicommunications_ and 30 miles

Caz (@caztinsley): 50 miles

Suz (@soozie_floozie): 50 miles

Ang (@angela_is_running_to_fitness): 50 miles

@runner_in_forest: 400km

Carley (@carleysaunders17): 80 miles

Royston (@royston1970): 60 miles

Laura Perez: 45 miles

Dad: 45 miles

Siani: 10 miles

Lowri (@cacs_lows): 8 miles

Sam (@sameddie335): 30 miles

Cat (@catheledd): 65 miles

Tracey: 80 miles

Sharon: 20 miles

Julia: 60 miles

Michelle: 30 miles

Giarg: 45 miles

Belinda: 60km

Stuart: 100km

Emma: 50km

So a mammoth total of

803 miles + 610km (=379 miles)

....which is 1182 miles!

Immense! Let’s do this, I'm looking forward to see how far off this we can hit!


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