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How to set up your Garmin to pace your runs

Updated: May 4, 2022

I love my Garmin, I’ve been a loyal garmin user for about 9 years. I use a Garmin Forerunner 235 after upgrading from a 405CX a few years ago. It took me way too long to understand how to set it up properly but now I use it to get some great info!

Do you feel that you could get more out of your Garmin? Do you just use the time and distance info?

So did I ... for ages.

Then I learnt how to set it up properly, the biggest tip I can give is put ‘lap-pace’ on the first screen.

There are loads of pace and speed options to picks so let me explain what lap pace is first.

The best way to describe it; it’s the predicted time for the current mile (or KM, if you’ve set KM’s as you base unit). So if you sprint off at a fast pace, it will tell you if you carry on at this pace what your mile time will be. If you then slow down it continually adjusts on where that mile will end up. It’s great because even 10 metres into that mile it will tell you whether you are on pace!

I find it great for pacing, especially for a 5km or 10km as you can remember the mile times, it’s better than some of the other pace ones available as it smoothes the time, so if you have faster parts of the mile (e.g. downhill) it will still give you overall mile time not your current fast pace! —— Pacing no longer needs to be a dark art!

PS if you want help to get that pace up by learning how to train to improve your technique and fitness, drop me a message!


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