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21 Day 5km Programme
Improve Your 5km Running Time

At Jon Evans Coaching, we believe that to really enjoy your running you need to be seeing progression, and what better way to do that, than getting a faster 5km? 


We’ve designed the perfect 21 day 5km programme that will get 1 minute off your 5km time.  


It’s fully tailored to your start time so it doesn’t matter if are running parkrun in 24 mins or 36 mins, your individually personalised programme will fit perfectly for your current ability.


Really, it’s unfair to call it a programme as it’s much more than that, find out exactly what is included here. 


Don’t think it’s possible to knock a minute off in 21 days? Let me tell you, IT 100% IS! But don’t just take my word for it, see our previous client testimonials here.


It is delivered fully online, so we can help you achieve your goals anywhere in the world.

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1-2-1 Online Running Coaching


Got a more specific goal? Whether your goal is to run faster or longer, we’ll help you with our 1-2-1 online running coaching. 


We’ll first ensure we fully understand your goals and starting point and then design a tailored training plan that fits in with your lifestyle to take you from where you are now to smashing your goals. 


We’ll provide the structure and focus along with ongoing support and feedback, so that we can tweak things as we go and make sure you stay on track. 


Ready to advance your running?  For a non-obligation free consultation about working together, email me at

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FREE Resources To Help Your Running 

I’ve put together loads of free exclusive resources to help your running, including:


How to PB parkrun - includes our full training approach and what every good training plan should include.


5km weight and time calculator - see how you compare to people your weight at 5km, could you be the World Champion for your size?


The ‘Enjoy your Half Marathon’ training programme - not bothered about time? Just want to enjoy your half marathon experience then follow this plan


Marathon preparation checklist - take the stress out of remembering everything from months, weeks, days and even hours before your big day. 

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Hi, I'm Jon

Jon Evans was born and raised in South Wales, UK.  Jon started Personal Training and Running Coaching as he has a passion for people enjoying their life and in particular enjoying their running.

For the last 8 years, Jon has leveraged his expertise to help normal, ordinary people improve their running and hence see their enjoyment of running also improve.  


He has also and helped people lose 100s of pounds of weight (without any fads, magic shakes or pills), helping them improve they way they look, feel and perform and hence see their confidence and energy sky rocket!

Jon loves geeking out on running and weight loss topics, through formal education and researching the subject he’s developed his programmes.

All help is now delivered online, so he can reach people wherever they are, he builds communities that are different.  Different because they focus on improving and transforming the ordinary, average runner, who is often neglected by running clubs and the vast amount of literature that exists.

When Jon isn't working, he can be found role playing Fireman Sam with his young family and training towards his own running goals.  He also loves a social coffee or pint (this latter generally, while watching Rugby, which growing up in Wales is pretty mandatory!)

Jon's Qualifications
  • Coach in Running Fitness achieved through Welsh Athletics (syllabus by British Athletics)

  • Functional Running Assessment & Gait Re-Education 

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer 

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Let's have a virtual chat about anything running of weight loss related.  You can email me at

Find me here on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

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