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Online Running CoacHING

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Got a Running Goal? Let's smash that goal together!

Get the structure, focus and accountability to train smarter, improve your 
performance and become a better, faster runner.

Think you're not good enough to have a running coach? Think again! 

I help the neglected average, everyday, recreational runner that wants to achieve their potential.  Are you intrigued with what running times you could achieve if you really trained properly with the right help and support?

You unsure of what training to do, you may be following a plan but not sure if it's right for you.

You want help, support and accountability to improve your running.


You may feel a bit of a plodder at times, you feel like you are always behind the same people at events and you don’t come close to friends and family or if you do manage to beat them sometimes, if feels like a fluke and is short lived.


You are struggling with motivation to run and your not where you know you could be.  Your running times have plateu’d or slowed, and if you do get motivation, its hard to keep it longer than a few weeks.

You jump from training plan to training plan and find they lack depth and get bored of them, because they just say run 3 - 4 times a week and do some tough interval or hills sessions? Or worse, never really have the structure and focus of a training plan?

Does any of this sound like you?

At Jon Evans Coaching we believe you enjoy your running the most when you feeling fit and seeing progress
Running faster

Let’s fast forward a bit…..

Imagine enjoying your running, feeling the buzz and elation of hitting new personal bests.  Achieving times that you never thought were possible, those times becoming the new norm!


Learning how to train smarter will make you do this, and the beauty is, this will continue for the rest of your running life, whenever you want to improve your running you’ll have a training system (and training programme ready for you).


When you enjoy your running you’ll start seeing yourself as a good runner and others around you will too! You’ll also start beating friends and family members, even those that you currently think are too far ahead of you.


Getting the structure of your training right is the foundation for improving your running, at whatever distance!


Not only will your confidence as a runner improve but your general confidence and energy in your everyday life will improve too, working hard and seeing results in training is contagious and you’ll see other areas of your life improve too. 

 Are you ready to achieved you potential?....'s not as far away as you think.  


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The ULTIMATE way to transform your running.  Knock minutes off your running times, learn how to train properly and increase your ENJOYMENT, CONFIDENCE and LOVE FOR RUNNING by seeing yourself improve as you take the steps needed to become the BEST RUNNER you can be. 

What our Runners say...

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Testimonial running.png
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What's included?

1. Personalised Training Programme, created specifically for your goals, for your current ability and for your lifestyle.

Suitable for all levels of experience and abilities, we'll work together to get a programme that works for your own personal current situation.  It’ll be focussed on putting theory is put into practice, so that you can improve on all the areas you need to, e.g. running technique, strength and conditioning, increasing distance, increasing pace, running mindset...

Training programmes are provided in 4 weeks blocks so that we can assess progress.


2. Online Running Coaching Tutorials

Learn how to train smarter, these tutorials will take you through each of the components in the Jon Evans Approach, giving you the way to train for the rest of your life.  

These tutorials include, the often neglected areas of running technique and running mindset.  You can watch these in your own time and repeat them to make sure you understand anything. 

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy, therefore you can invest in yourself completely risk free as you’ll get a 7 - day no questions asked money back guarantee 

3. Risk-Free Guarantee 

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Get access to everything you need to learn how to train properly and increase your ENJOYMENT, CONFIDENCE and LOVE FOR RUNNING so you can be the BEST RUNNER you can be.

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Yours for just over £2 a day

Our approach to getting you to achieve your running potential...

You'll learn about each area below and put into practice the elements you need to focus on.

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... but WAIT, there's more, you'll also get these BONUSES

BONUS #1: Pacing and Interval Calculator

So you'll know exactly what pace to run at to improve, and the calculator will work it all out for you so no maths skills needed.


BONUS #2: Weekly food and training planner

Downloadable weekly tracker, that you can either print off or keep on your computer to make sure you are organised for the plan of the week and tracks whether you have completed all the tasks! 


BONUS #3: Rest and Recovery Guide

Rest and recovery is so important for your body to adapt, but resting doesn't just mean that you don't train.  Helping your body actively recover will help with your performance and prevent injury.


BONUS #4: Game changing 'Race Day Strategies'

When were you taught tactics to approach your race day?  The are some really easy things you can do to make your race day go far smoother, some of which will make you see instant improvements in your performance.  


BONUS #5: How to analyse your GPS running data to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Thought our GPS watches and smart phones we have so much data available to us at the end of each run, there is so much insight that we can learn from and help us identify areas to work on.  We'll teach you exactly what you need to be looking at after each run.


BONUS #6: LIMITED SPACES - Personal 1-2-1 review and feedback of your GPS data.

If you can still see this bonus, it means there are still space available, but this could be removed at any time.  I'll personally review the data on your GPS and give my view on what you should work on to achieve your goals.

Image by Luke Chesser

Some quotes from our previous runners...

Thanks for the help especially the running technique pointers which I think I needed the most.  I can feel he difference.  Really pleased with knocking 1 min 32 seconds off my time.

I would definitely sign up again

Before starting I felt I was more of a plodder than a runner and didn't expect the results I had at the end.

If anyone else is thinking about taking part I would recommend it 100%.  The structure and planning was ideal to fit in with busy lifestyles.  I had amazing support from yourself and the others taking part which made the experience even more enjoyable.

Stop wasting your time and start training smarter.

 Achieve your running potential with your own ONLINE RUNNING COACH.


Your running training will change for the rest of your life, regardless of what distances you take on in the future.


Now is the perfect time to start, let's achieve your running goals together.

How Online Runing Coaching compares to:

Doing nothing:

You can keep going alone or join in a group running session but your progress will be much slower if at all.  Unfortunately getting older isn’t going to help so now is the time to act. 


Without the  structure, focus and accountability, you’ll keep restarting towards your running goals aimlessly.


Doing nothing will mean times will get worse...  how many times have you heard someone say I’m getting slower? 

Hiring an in person running coach:

Running coaches are often seen as being for the elite or very serious runners, they are expensive and you may feel fearful of being too exposed with working 1 on 1 with a running coach. My online running coaching approach is designed specifically for the average, everyday, recreational runner, and although you'll have the accountability, you'll do your runs without any one watching you!  

Reading books:

Books are great, but often even very theatrical or story based of runners, they are not specific and organised in a way to help you implement learning and you don't have the support and community.

Joining a Running Club:

Running clubs are great, brilliant from the social aspect and everyone pushes harder in a crowd but training is designed for the whole group, who have mixed goals.  From my experience there us very little really coaching on technique, strength, mindset and nutrition in my experience.

Search the internet yourself:

There is a lot of information out there, but often it can be conflicting advice.  You'll have piece it all together yourself and have no support or community.

Are you ready to achieve your running potential?

Hi I'm Jon

I’m an online personal trainer and running coach, I've spent the last 8 years helping hundreds of people succeed with their health, fitness and running goals and seeing what that does for their life in general, typically this include being happier, healthier, have more confidence and energy, and the knock on effects of these are extremely far reaching!


After spending years running, I felt the average, everyday, recreational runner was neglected.  The elite serious runners have coaches or get exposure at their running clubs, beginners have couch to 5k and benefit from running in local groups.  But average runners had nothing, this was evident when at the start of events I saw these runners chatting at the start, rather than warm up (physically and mentally) but at the end they were discussing their performance.   I thought if they are doing that wrong what else are they?


This took me down a route to research and get myself educated to help others.  Fast forward and know I love impacting people’s lives, I get more of a buzz of seeing my clients succeed than myself! 


I have a deep rooted belief that everyone should be able to enjoy running, there are many way to achieve this but seeing improvements is one of the best ways, when have you ever PB’d and not loved it?!


If you’re ready to transform the way you train, see your running results improve, and experience the knock on effect this brings, like having more confidence in your everyday life, I would be honoured to be a part of your journey! 

coach jon.jpg
Image by Mārtiņš Zemlickis


I’m human too, and I always feel a little nervous before buying anything online, especially from someone I don't know! I want you to feel great about your purchase, which is why I offer a 7- day money-back guarantee.


Sign up and dive in. If after the first week of your programme you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase and you feel as though I haven’t delivered great actionable ideas, advice, and insights to help you transform your running, I will happily refund your money in full. No questions asked. 


Just email me anytime in your first week after purchasing, for a full refund. This is my guarantee to you.

Want to know what others are saying about working with us...

Thank you for the last few weeks.  I would never have got today's time without it.

The changes I've made have made a big difference to the way I run

Variety was a big thing for me.  It wasn't just running a distance it was something difference every session.

Brilliant programme that delivers results!! Very well supported, its hard work but if you commit you will reap the benefits.  Highly recommended!!

Is Online Running Coaching right for you?

what runners is it for.png


Running coaching is traditionally seen for elite, very serious runners, but I’m changing all that, this is for you if are a:

  • Runner (or don’t class yourself as a runner but you run!) who can do 5km, it doesn’t need to be pretty, or fast, it doesn't matter on your level of experience, you can be relatively new to running and just got to 5k or you can be very experienced.   You can run 5k between 20 and 40 minutes. 

  • Runner who wants to get faster or run for longer

  • Runner who want to learn how to train properly (not just adding a few intervals/hills or strength training) 

  • Runner who wants to kickstart their running again 

  • Runner who is stuck with their training and wants variety, motivation, accountability.

  • Runner who wants the stress of what to do taken from them as you’ll be given the structure and focus

  • Runner who is going to commit and take action, the results will be worth it!

...and it’s not for:

  • Super fast, bordering elite, competitive runners

  • Runners who are complete brand new to running

Here's a recap of everything that included in...

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  • How ‘good’ a runner do I need to be?
    It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are. It also doesn’t matter how experienced you are, new runners will benefit from learning the approach early on in the running ‘career’, experienced runners will correct some bad habits, refresh and get accountability to do what they know they should do but aren’t.
  • Where is this based? Is it local to me?
    It’s delivered 100% online so you can join from anywhere in the world.
  • What is the time committment? (I have a busy lifestyle/family)
    We'll create a programme that fits into your life, II know everyone is busy so we'll make sure it doesn't take over your life! Typically you'll be asked to train 3 - 4 times a week.
  • I’m in a running club, can I do this alongside?"
    Yes 100%, I know the social benefits of going to a running club so we'll make sure that it taken into account when designing your programme. We'll discuss what type of sessions you'll typically do at running club.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Yes I offer a 3 - day no questions asked guarantee. If you are not happy, I'm not either. Just email within 3 days of your purchase and I'll refund you.
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